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    Category: Comparative Politics
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    Political Regimes and Deaths in the Early Stages of the COVID-19 Pandemic

    , Authors: Gabriel Cepaluni, Michael Dorsch, Réka Branyiczki
    Version 1 posted 27 April 2020

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    This paper provides a quantitative examination of the link between political institutions and deaths during the first 100 days of the COVID -19 pandemic. We demonstrate that countries with more democratic political institutions experienced deaths on a larger per capita scale and sooner than less democratic countries. The result is robust to the inclusion of many relevant controls, a battery of estimation techniques, and to estimation with instruments for the institutional measures that we consider. Additionally, we examine the extent to which COVID
    Category: Public Opinion and Voting Behavior
    , Title:

    COVID-19 related anxieties do not decrease support for liberal democracy

    , Authors: Veronica Anghel, Julia Schulte - Cloos
    Version 2 posted 07 July 2022

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    Our intervention was successful in elevating respondents’ levels of worry, anxiety, and fear when thinking about infectious diseases like COVID -19. However, these emotions did not affect individuals’ levels of rightwing authoritarianism, nationalism, or outgroup hostility, or their preferences for specific discriminatory policies aimed to fight a potential resurgence of COVID