Race, Ethnicity and Politics

Taming the Beast of Racism through Education, Understanding and Reform.

Alexander Bruno Florida International University Alumni Association
Racism and race relations in America can be seen as a tool which was constructed for the maintenance of the status quo. Racism may not necessarily be totally eliminated, but I am advancing the point is that, through education, racism – as rigidly structured as it is – can be better understood and possibly maintained. It is my view, however, that racism is an indelible feature of the system, but it can be tamed and the taming process should follow a particular rubric. I revisit key readings of the Comparative Race Politics course, and others and conclude with suggestions on what a Racism Taming Rubric (RTR) could look like. The taming of racism, I, believe, will take a major multi-faceted effort, beginning with an introspective mindset, and tracing back to the roots or source of the race-making activity. Education, understanding, and reform are therefore key attributes of the RTR.