American Government and Politics

What Really is the American Dream?

Alexander Bruno Florida International University
This paper takes a closer look at the Constitution of the United States of America (USA) and its role in shaping the American aspiration which is generally referred to as the ‘American Dream.’ Essentially, this paper reviews key contributions by noted scholars with reference to the American Dream. For the purposes of this research, two definitions of the American Dream are proposed; both of which are traced back to the pre-colonial American spirit. The working definitions are: 1. The American Dream is ‘an indigenous belief in the unbridled freedom and unique heritage of a people’ and 2. The American is ‘the belief in self-actualization of the good fortunes, guaranteed by American liberties, opportunities and freedom.’ Those definitions are examined in line with the scholarly works which were reviewed for this research. Above all, this paper can be seen as a continuation of the discussion on the American Dream.