Political Science Education and the Profession

"Would I Do This All Over Again? Mid-Career Voices in Political Science"

Laura van Assendelft Mary Baldwin University
Page Fortna Columbia University
Claudine Gay Harvard University
Kira Sanbonmatsu Rutgers University
This report by the APSA Presidential Task Force on Women’s Advancement in the Profession is based on personal and confidential semi-structured interviews with individuals from three graduate programs who entered graduate school around the same time (the early 1990s) about their educational and career experiences from the decision to pursue the PhD to the present—regardless of whether or not the individuals completed the degree or work in the profession today. How do people experience the profession of political science? What explains differences in individual trajectories—both within and outside the academy? How do climate, efforts to diversify the academy, and policies such as family leave impact individual careers? What policies and practices help graduate students on the job market, and faculty on the tenure-track? What are the tradeoffs in academic and non-academic pursuits? And what is the value of the Ph.D.—inside and outside the academy?
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